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aroon duncanson

Posted on January 08 2018

A part of our mission, here at Livin the MAD Life, is to provide sustainable fashion. Fast fashion is the second largest polluter, only behind the oil industry. Land fills are overflowed and Americans are claimed to toss 14 million tons of clothing a year, equating to around 80 pounds per person. To put this in better perspective, the EPA says, that is the environmental equivalent "of taking 7.3 million cars and their carbon dioxide emissions off the road."

Fast fashion pollution is an incredibly large problem that does not seem to generate as much attention as it should. Which is why we are doing our best to bring awareness to the problem. 

A great way to help with the fast fashion epidemic is to purchase thrifted and used fashion pieces. Sustainability expert, Henrik Lampa, claims only 0.1 percents of clothing taken in by charity programs is recycled into new textile fibers. Meaning even the clothes we return to take-back programs is not being up cycled to create new fashion. Therefore, purchasing second hand fashion is a great way to make sure these clothing pieces do not end back in the landfill.

This is the exact reason why we have decided to use second-hand purses and bags for our hand-painted collection. We purchase all different styles of bags from thrift stores, online and not, and we up-cycle them to create a gorgeous, new bag for you to enjoy. 

Therefore, you will hardly ever see the same bag, in our hand-painted collection, twice. So if there is a style or designer that you really love, it's recommended to snatch it up, or it may not be back in stock again. This is also why you should expect some minor wear on the bags, after all we do like to stick with that vintage feel and even have bags from the 1950's!

So next time you pass up a thrift shop, maybe take a peek around, you never know what treasures might be inside. Shop our hand-painted, originals here.

Featuring our faux leather, vintage hat bag original.


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