Frida Kahlo Capsule Collection

aroon duncanson

Posted on February 10 2018

Today marks the launch of our newest Capsule Collection! 

We wanted to create a capsule collection focused solely on the importance of empowering women. In today’s society we have an incredible movement for female empowerment and we want to do as much as we can to fuel the fire, for women around the globe. We wanted to choose someone who was seen as a strong women from history, whether past or present, who epitomized strength, grace and inspiration. Someone who didn’t take no for an answer and gave society inspirational goals and a “can do” attitude, not letting anything hold them back. A “warrior” who fought the battle for feminism and misogyny and forged an easier path for all of us to continue to make headway towards equality. That is why we have decided to create a capsule collection around the ever inspiring, Frida Kahlo. She is one of the most inspirational artists for women, a woman who endured so much in her life and yet willingly shared her pain and how she overcame and dealt with the struggles through her art and life.

There are eight purses featured in this capsule collection, 5 of which are from original paintings by Megan Duncanson (which are also available for purchase.)  And we have one hand painted, original, painted on a vintage Chloe purse.

Check out the full collection here. 

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