Livin' the MAD Life Grand Opening

aroon duncanson

Posted on January 02 2018

Tomorrow is the big day! January 3rd, 2018 marks the first official day of Livin' the MAD Life. 

We are super excited to share all of our amazing creations with you guys. We will be launching three collections, limited edition, MAD Logo and Hand painted collection.

All are vegan and cruelty free. And our hand-painted bags are made from second hand purses and bags. The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, only behind the oil industry. Today the world now consumes around 80 billion pieces of clothing annually (up 400 percent from 20 years ago.) Here at Livin' the MAD Life, we recognize the need to eliminate fast fashion, which is why we have gone the route of thrifted bags.

Lets keep things sustainable and cruelty free!


Do note we will be periodically releasing new hand painted bags, so make sure to sign up and follow our social media @livinthemadlife to keep up to date with our new product! 




Aroon and Megan Duncanson


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