Why We Love Hearts

aroon duncanson

Posted on December 01 2017

Hearts are one of the most recognizable symbols, worldwide. Whether you're in Cape Town or Miami Beach, we all interpret a heart in similar ways. It is a romantic gesture, a symbol for love, friendship and romance. 

And if you couldn't tell, we really do love our hearts around here. We even have a whole collection coming soon that revolves around hearts. And there can almost always be a heart symbol found on one of our bag designs. But the heart means something more to us at Livin' the MAD Life. 

Our hearts remind each other of all of the kindness and good people in the world. Our hearts want you to embrace the beauty that is life, to not be afraid to be the realest you. And to show off the unique qualities that you and only you posses.

It is important to remember that loving yourself is the most genuine and true love you can receive, our hearts stand for something more. 

MAD hearts are empowering, beautiful and true.


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