Our Mission

Livin' the MAD Life is owned by a mother, daughter duo based in Miami, Florida. They realized there is a gap in the market for high quality and unique purses, that are made from cruelty free and vegan materials, so they started their own brand that offered just that. The purses are like no other, they are uniquely designed by world artist, Megan Duncanson. Coming from a domestic abuse relationship, Megan creates each artwork and each purse with passion, thought, and an intent to inspire and empower women.

A portion of proceeds are donated to a charity that aligns with our mission.

Our current charities of choice are:

The Talkin' Monkeys Project - Link to Donate

No More Tears - Link to Donate

These two charities are ones that Aroon and Megan are personally close with and know all of the donations go straight to those animals/people in need.

Female Empowerment

It is no secret that women and men have different privileges, whether it be in the workforce or home. Today, more than ever, women are trying to change the way society defines the female role. And we want to be apart of that change.

Livin' the MAD Life is run by a mother and daughter duo, who wanted to create a company that supported the female empowerment movement. And one thing most all women love and have in common, is the love for all things fashion. We not only wanted to create gorgeous bags and purses, but we wanted to incorporate something more into each design. Therefore, each bag and design has a MAD symbol, or multiple symbols, worked into the art work. These symbols can stand for empower, strength, courage, love, etc, to see what all of our hand painted symbols stand for, visit our symbols page.



The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, only behind the oil industry, and it is only growing. Today the world now consumes around 80 billion pieces of clothing annually (up 400 percent from 20 years ago.) Livin' the MAD Life, recognizes the need for fashion pollution awareness, which is why we only use thrifted and up-cycled products for our original purses and bags. 

Although our limited edition and logo bags are not thrifted or up-cycled, they are works of art and more of a collectors piece, versus fast fashion. 


Cruelty Free

Behind every fur coat, leather bag, suede belt or alligator boot was once a living animal, and millions are killed annually to support the fashion industry. Therefore, we have decided to keep all of our bags and purses made from vegan or synthetic materials. No animals were harmed in the making of these bags, and we hope to spread the cruelty free movement. 



 Mission Statement..."To empower women through one of kind, inspirational and cruelty free designer purses." 

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